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At present, the range of furniture materials is very wide.

Natural wood furniture is always highly valued. It is important to prepare the timber properly and choose the right time for its sawing and natural drying in order to ensure that the furniture does not crack or spit after the furniture is made to produce quality furniture. Therefore, natural wood is one of the most expensive materials.

The cheaper option is veneered furniture, which is also highly valued. They are made from a base plate embedded with a thin layer of natural wood that no longer has such a natural wood tension, so the temperature or climate change of the humidity does not cause twisting or cracking. The use of plywood is especially recommended for the manufacture of furniture components and high quality furniture thanks to its good technical characteristics, ease of furniture, the stability of linear dimensions, and the ease of surface finishes. Plywood, in comparison with other plate materials, satisfies the essential technical requirements for furniture production. It is most suitable for the manufacture of doors (including bulky), shelves, wooden chairs and office furniture.

Also available are artificial-coated plates that imitate the natural structure of wood, stone or any other material. But the structure can also be made of artificial, which is very suitable for a modern interior. Such furniture can be made faster and its costs are lower.
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