Solid wood furniture

Since ancient times people have used solid wood furniture because they did not have the choice furniture made from other materials. By the way, nowadays there are more choices for the furniture you want to make.

We offer to choose hardwood furniture, because:

 Solid wood furniture is durable and stable. Correctly, they will serve for many years and you will have the opportunity to leave the descendants of the inheritance.
The use of solid wood opens the door for designers. Solid wood furniture, without losing its qualities, can look like very modern, as well as antique and even exclusive.
A wide range of colors is available.
Solid wood furniture will fit well in the country house, in the city apartment, and even in the manor or palace.

For furniture production, it is possible to choose wood of deciduous or coniferous wood, taking into account many different parameters, even in the vicinity of it you feel better.

We offer to make hardwood beds, cabinets, tables, chests of drawers and many other furniture. It is possible to make furniture according to our sketches and according to the drawing chosen by the client.

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